Top 7 Reasons to Study in Japan

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Are you are international student looking for an ideal study abroad detonation? With lots of reasons to study in Japan, the country Is one of the best study abroad destination in the world.

Japan is one of the world economy powerhouses, with top quality universities renowned across the world. The nation’s long history, culture, tradition, and reputation are some of the reasons to study in Japan.

Although there are many reasons to study in Japan, in this guide I’ll be showing you the top 7 reasons to study in Japan.

Reasons to Study in Japan

If you are having doubts about making Japan your study abroad destination, below are some convincing reasons to study in Japan.

1.  High Quality Education

The cutting edge technological innovation for which Japan is renowned for globally didn’t happen out of the blue, it is a product of the high quality education offered by the universities, colleges, and industries in the country.

Over the years, Japan boasts as Asia’s highest Nobel Prize winners, and the second in the world since 2000.  And it doesn’t end here; universities are recognized across the world, with 10 of the country’s universities making it on Times Higher Education University Ranking.  And as you’d expect, most of the universities in Japan dominate Asia’s universities ranking, with University of Tokyo taking the no. 1 position on the list.

The government of Japan is putting enough efforts to internationalize the nation’s universities. Based on the huge acceptance of international students in Japan universities, the university is expected to be having over 300,000 international students enrolling in the nation’s universities, colleges, and initiations yearly as from 2020 which is one of the major reasons to study in Japan.

2. Job Opportunities

Japan is a land of opportunities for both local individuals and immigrants.   The country has a booming economy with various companies both small startups and global companies.

If you study in Japan and take time to learn Japanese, you stand a better chance to work in any organization in the country as long as you have the right technical skills for the job.

Apart from the job opportunities available for graduates, as a student in Japan you will be connected in your field of study for internships which can help boost your resume and also provide you with more real-life working experiences.

3. Explore the Nation’s Amazing Culture

Japan is one of the oldest countries in the world that has thousand years of history which has been shaping their culture. When you study in the country, you get to experience a whole new outstanding lifestyle.  The combination of both modern technology and traditions is the major uniqueness of Japan when compared to other power house nations in the world.

Is it the food? Japanese food is known to be very healthy, tasty, and most importantly, affordable. From sushi to rama, from soba to tempura, you get to enjoy unfamiliar delicious food.

Japan is also renowned for its involvement in martial arts. Most universities in the country offer judo, kendo, kyodo, and karate trainings to students. So if you are interested in any of the martial arts program, you can enroll in it on your chosen university.

4. Low Tuition Fees with Tremendous Scholarships

Japan is one of the best study abroad destinations in the world, with the low tuition fees being one of the major reasons to study in Japan.

The tuition fees of universities in Japan are favorable to universities from other study abroad destinations, especially the top study abroad destinations like the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.  And despite the high living standards in Japan, the cost of living is also considerably low.

And what about scholarship options? There are lots of scholarship options available for students, especially international students. Some include full or partial tuition fee waivers, while some include monthly stipend.

5. Learn Japanese

Japanese can be a very tough language to learn, especially for English speakers. But when you are dedicated, you should be able to beat the odds by learning the language fluently. And you know there is no better way to learn the language as a foreigner than to live in the country.

Japan also has a booming economy, with a lot of top global companies established in the country. If you wish to live and work in Japan after you graduate, then learning Japanese will give you an edge over many candidates seeking same job with you. Japanese companies are mostly interested in bilingual, international candidates for their job. This has proven to be one of the major reasons to study in Japan  as a foreigner, since getting a job after graduating from a university in the country would be easier and faster than majority of the study abroad destinations.

6. Enjoy Great Quality Life

The great quality of life that is enjoyable in Japan is also one of the reasons to study in Japan. There are lots of perks available for you once you step your foot in the country, and as a student, it will be a dream come true when you start enjoying the quality of life in Japan.

The care, comfort, efficiency, convenience are some of the quality life you stand to benefit when you study abroad in Japan. The governments also help provide health care support for inhabitants in the country.

With no trace of xenophobia practice, racism, wherever you go in Japan, you will be welcomed and greeted with kindness.  All these are the reasons to study in Japan, and be sure to enjoy an amazing quality of life in Japan beyond your expectations.

7. Safe and Peaceful Nation

When it comes to the world’s safest and peaceful countries, Japan is one of the head on the list. This is one of the reasons to study in Japan most international students consider.

According to NationsMaster rankings, Japan ranks last in the number of Victims of Crime Per Capita. Japan also has one of the best healthcare facilities in the world, which is paramount in today’s modern era.

If you are considering a safe and peaceful country abroad for your studies, Japan is one of the ideal study abroad destinations to go for.


You won’t be making a mistake when you make Japan your study abroad destination. With the amazing quality of life, high quality universities, diverse culture, caring government, and kind inhabitants, Japan is an ideal choice for a study abroad destination.

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