Netflix UNESCO Short Film Competition for Filmmakers in sub-Saharan African Countries 2022

Netflix has partnered with UNESCO to launch a short film competition, “African Folktales, Reimagined,” to find the bravest, wittiest, and most surprising retellings of some of Africa’s most-loved folktales. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

About Netflix

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Requirements for UNESCO Short Film Competition

  • You are under 35 years old
  • You are a citizen and resident of a Sub-Saharan African country
  • You are a filmmaker with limited experience, but have developed and produced 1- to 2 theatrical feature films, television fiction, documentaries, or 2-3 short films and/or commercials seeking to venture into feature film development and production

How to Apply for the UNESCO Short Film Competition

To apply for the ongoings University of Kent Bachelors Scholarship is not as difficult as you think. All Interested and qualified candidates are to click on the “Apply Now” button below to get started

Application Deadline

It should be noted that all Interested and qualified candidates are to apply for the UNESCO Short Film Competition on or before November 14, 2021