Mastercard University of Cape Town Scholarship Programme for African Students 2021-2022

The Mastercard Scholarship will provide scholarships to academically talented young Africans to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies at UCT. 

About MasterCard Foundation

The MasterCard Foundation was founded in 2006, From inception, the company intended the Foundation to be an independent entity in order to create the opportunity for all to learn and prosper.

The foundation promotes financial inclusion and advances youth learning in developing countries, primarily in Africa.

The MasterCard Foundation’s mission is to prioritize Africa and to provide programs that are serving more than 6 million people in 57 developing countries.

Requirements for Mastercard/UCT Scholarship Programme

To be eligible to apply for The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Cape Town, candidates must meet the stated criteria:

  • Academically talented, must value learning and be driven to complete their education.
  • Economically disadvantaged and facing significant financial barriers to accessing education.
  • Committed to giving back to their own communities once studies are completed, to return to their home countries and take a leadership role in promoting social and economic improvement.
  • Future leaders committed to embracing ethical leadership to improve the lives of others.
  • Commitment to community service through previous and/or past engagements with community outreach activities
  • Citizens and residents of a Sub-Saharan African country.
  • Wanting to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level (Masters by research and coursework or research Masters, only). Honours applicants will be considered from 2016.
  • Applying to study in the fields of Commerce, Engineering and Built Environment, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law or Sciences at the University of Cape Town.
  • All prospective Scholars must first be admitted to the University of Cape Town to be considered for the Scholarship. Although each academic department has its own criteria, a minimum of 60% for the Honours, or equivalent degree is the overall academic criterion required for entry into the Masters’ degree.
  • Preference will be given to ‘first-generation’ students, i.e. those who are the first ones in their families to go to university.

How to Apply for the Mastercard/UCT Scholarship Programme

To apply for the ongoing Mastercard/USIU-Africa Scholarship Program is not as difficult as you think. All Interested and qualified candidates are to click on the “Apply Now” button below to get started

Application Deadline

It should be noted that all Interested and qualified candidates are to apply for the Mastercard/USIU-Africa Scholarship Program on or before September 30, 2021