Centre for Human Rights Advanced Human Rights Course: Women’s Rights in Africa 2021

The Centre for Human Rights Advanced Human Rights Course South Africa, course applications is open for a 5-day intensive hybrid short course on women’s rights in Africa at the University of Pretoria.

About Centre for Human Rights

The Centre for Human Rights is a non-profit organization founded in 1986 as part of the movement to confront the apartheid system in South Africa. The organization is situated at the University of Pretoria, Faculty of law and has broadened its activities beyond South Africa and has partnered with various networks across Africa. Its members are individuals from various spheres of life such as national and international civil servants, academic lawyers and human rights practitioners across the continent

The goal is to advocate for equality and human rights in Africa and international development law in general.

Requirements for Advanced Human Rights Course

This course is designed for governmental officials, managers and staff of civil society organisations, judges and magistrates, legal practitioners, as well as academics from universities in Africa. Participants from all over the world are, nevertheless, welcome to apply. Masters and doctoral students wishing to deepen their knowledge or expertise in a particular area of relevance to their study or research may also apply. All lectures and materials are in English, and proficiency in English is required to attend these courses.

How to Apply for the Advanced Human Rights Course

To apply for the ongoing Advanced Human Rights Course is not as difficult as you think. All Interested and qualified candidates are to click on the “Apply Now” button below to get started

Application Deadline

It should be noted that all Interested and qualified candidates are to apply for the Advanced Human Rights Course on or before September 17, 2021