2021-2022 Lindenwood University International Awards- USA.

About the Lindenwood University International Award:

Annually the Lindenwood University in the United States select suitable qualified and meriting students as recipients of its endowment.

This award is based strictly on merit and evaluated performance as all applicants are given equal chances of success and the honour is usually for first-time, transfer, graduate, athlete, or non-athlete students.

It is a partial funding Undergraduate and Graduate levels programs award and open for all subjects taught at the Lindenwood University.

Scholarship Eligibility: To be considered applicant must:

  • Be an International Student.
  • Have an offer for admission into the Lindenwood University.
  • Have a proof of language proficiency.
  • Complete the application procedures.

Application Procedure:

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Application Deadline: The deadline for application for the scholarship is 30th November, 2021.