7 Key Reasons Why You Should Study In China

Without any doubt, China is one of the world powerhouses aside from that, there are numerous reasons why you should study in China.

As the fastest growing study abroad destination with a massive international student community in the country, China is absolutely a perfect destination for your study abroad.

Still not convinced? In this guide, I’ll show you 7 key reasons why you should study in China.

Reasons Why You Should Study In China

Just like I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of reasons to study in China, but below are the key reasons why you should study in China as an international student.

1: High Quality Education

China High Quality Education

Chinese universities are growing rapidly in recognition across the world, and thanks to the nation’s government investment in higher education.

According to QS World University Rankings, 33 universities from China are on the list. This means that many Chinese universities are among the world universities top league tables.

Apart from Chinese taught programs, there are also numerous English-taught programs available in China to apply for, starting from bachelor degree programs up to PhD programs. China also highly regard some native programs taught in the majority of its schools, which include: martial arts, calligraphy, and other cultural subjects.

And what’s more? The certifications or qualifications awarded by Chinese universities are recognized across the world, which is obviously one of the reasons why you should study in China.

2: It is Affordable

As an international student, studying and living in China is cheaper than another popular study abroad destinations, such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia, or even Japan and South Korea.

in most of the European countries, the tuition fees for non-EU students is about US$10,000 on average. The cost of living can also go up to about US$16,800 on average annually. Meanwhile, universities from the US and Australia have the most expensive tuition fees in the world.

Even in Asia, the study is not that cheap. Japan’s and South Korea boasts high living expenses which can be up to US$1,800 per month. But the case of China is quite different, which is one of the reasons why you should study in China. On average, the tuition fee per semester in China is not more than US$1,000,. and language courses that are short term cost just a few hundred dollars.

Food and consumption in China are also very affordable. With low as US$10-20, you can get a good meal. And you can as well pay as little as 15% for public transportation.

China’s affordability is unmatched, which is part of the reasons why you should study in China.

3: High Employment Advantage

If you are looking for a country abroad to study when it comes to economic growth, then China is the perfect destination for you. China has been the country with the fastest-growing economy for the past 30 years.

China’s GDP surpassed that of Japan to be the world’s second-highest economy after the United States. In fact, the world’s top 500 companies do business in China, with most of them having their Asia-pacific headquarters in Beijing and Shanghai.

With the numerous multinational companies available in China, you stand a better chance to land yourself a part-time job while studying or a full-time job after your studies. This high employment advantage is one of the clear reasons why you should study in China.

4: Receive Scholarships

Over the past years, China has become one of the most sought after study abroad destinations for international students. With about 500,000 international students enrolling in the country’s schools, the country is now the third study abroad destination with the highest number of international students (just behind the US and UK).

The rapid increase of international students can be linked to the Chinese government plan to receive about 500,000 international students by 2020 (which they’ve achieved).

You can tell how hardworking the Chinese government has been towards making their country an international friendly nation, offering numerous scholarship opportunities to international students.

About 40% of the entire international student’s population in one way or the other, are benefiting from the scholarship opportunities available in China for international students. This is one of the reasons why you should study in China since you might be fortunate enough to get a 100% tuition fee waived as a result of the scholarship opportunity awarded to you.

5: Learn Mandarin

According to UNESCO, Mandarin Chinese is currently the world most spoken language, and there is no better way to learn the language than to live and learn in China.

China is currently one of the world top economy superpowers, with numerous companies (both local and multinational) established in the country. If you want to increase your chances of getting employed easily, learning Mandarin is a perfect step to take and one of the reasons why you should study in China.

In fact, the main reason why a lot of international students Keane Mandarin is off better employment opportunities in fields such as news media, travel, banking, aviation, and lots more.

6: Explore the Nation’s Diverse Communities

If you are the type that likes learning new things from different cultures, then the diversity of the communities in China is one of the reasons why you should study in China. The country alone boasts of 56 ethnicities, making it one of the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world.

And if by any reason you are feeling homesick while studying in China, you are sure to meet people that share the same culture, tribe, belief or religion with you in the country. As the world’s most populous country, you can find almost any kind of tribe in China.

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7: Discover Chinese Cuisines

Even if there is no other reason why you should study in China, discovering Chinese cuisine is no doubt a good reason to study in China.

Chinese cuisine is very popular and one of the most varied in the world. Each province in the country has its own special principal taste. Unlike the Chinese restaurants you can find in your home country preparing roughly the same dishes, it is quite different in China. Each restaurant proposes a particular food from different provinces with a huge difference between them all.

One of the cheapest (and tastiest) you can find comes from Lanzho, in Gansu province. And if you are a noodle lover, the La Mian shops provide noodles daily, which you can eat with soup or even a sauteed.


Going with China as your study abroad destination is a perfect step to take. When you study in China, you are certainly going to be highly sought after by employers across the world.

That’s it on today’s guide on 7 key reasons why you should study in China

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