Top 5 Reasons To Study In Russia

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Russia is one of the world major powerhouses, and there are many reasons to study in Russia in terms of education as a world Powerhouse.

The universities in Russia might not be popular in the world universities ranking, but they are recognized for delivering high class education to their students. Come to think of it, with the numerous geniuses in the field of nuclear engineering, computer engineering, and IT hailing from Russia, you should know how powerful their universities are.

Still have doubts about enrolling in Russian universities? In this guide, I’ll show you the top 5 reasons to study in Russia as an international student

Reasons to Study in Russia

Theree are numerous reason why a lot of international students choose to go with Russia as their study abroad destination. But below are the top reasons to study in Russia out of the numerous reasons.

1: World-Class Universities

Education is essential in Russia and a whopping 54% of Russians between ages 25 – 64 have at least a university degree. This interests and respect for education by the Russians can be linked to the outstanding universities and quality education that is being provided to their students. In fact, not only do the universities in Russia offer great wuakuy education to Russian citizens, they also provide same quality education to international students as well.

With over 250,000 international students enrolling in universities in Russia annually, and most of the prestigious universities in the. country such as: MGIMO, St. Petersburg State University, and many others offering courses in English should tell why many international students opt for Russia as their study abroad destination annually, which is one of the major reasons to study in Russia.

Although, due to the delay of in Russia adopting the standard American system of academic departments, majority of universities barely rank high in the world universities ranking. With Moscow State University taking the highest spot in the 95th position, yet a lot of intelligent and most sought after graduates come from Russian universities.

2: Diverse Range of Study Opportunities

In addition to the high quality education that most of the Russian universities, the diverse range of study opportunities is also one of the reasons to study in Russia. The higher education system in Russia got everyone covered,. which implies that you can get whatever course you wish to study in Russia.

Russia has about 450 state accredited universities, with over 70,500 degree programs available in the country. For every possible subjects o academic levels, Russian universities offer degree programs to students, be it undergraduate, postgraduate, or even state examinations.

General universities in Russia focus majorly on scientifically oriented studies in a diverse range of fields o disciplines, while universities of applied science are very practical oriented. If you are enthusiastic about enrolling in artistic subjects, college of arts, film, or music is the best place to enroll in instead of a university.

3: Affordable Living Expenses

The affordability of studying in Russia is also one of the major reasons to study in Russia when compared with other European countries. The living expenses in Russia is considerably reasonable and affordable. This can be the cost of food, rent, clothing, and cultural activities.

For accommodation in Russia, as a student, you can live in the free accommodation that most of the universities in Russia provide to their students (known ‘obshagas’). Russian domitories are an incredible experience all together, and to fully enjoy your stay in it, you need your live to be highly communal. This has its downside, especially for those who live a highly private live and value their personal space a lot. But no matter what, it is an outstanding experience and you will surely meet and amazing number of friends.

As a student in Russia, there are many concessions available for you which can help reduce prices at cinemas, theatres, museums, opera houses, and even swimming pools. All you have to do is to present you ID.

4: Learn Russian Language

With over 250 million language across the world speaking Russian, the language is a unique and special language to learn that can help improve the career opportunities coming your way. The language is an exceptionally unique language in the world that should be a must learn for any international student that eventually finds his or herself in Russia.

If not do anything, learning Russian should be one of the reasons to study in Russia, and there is no better way to learn the language that when you live and study in the country. Although learning Russian can be very difficult. The phonetics are tricky and can be confusing especially when you are a beginner. But the best way to learn it shouldn’t be only in the classroom, you are to immerse yourself into everyday Russian speaking environment before you can gain any kind of fluency in the language.

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5: Cultural Diversity

Whenever you are looking for a study abroad destination, a good factor to consider is the nation’s cultural diversity. This is one big advantage of studying in Russia and one of the key reasons to study in Russia.

Russia is the largest country in the world, with a land mass almost two times that of the United States. The country has over 145 million inhabitants with an additional 250,000 international students enrolling in the country’s universities annually.

The general population in Russia make up more than 160 different ethnic groups speaking over 100 different languages. Although the main language is Russian, other popular languages include Ukranian and Tatah.

In fact, with the massive population in the country, you can never feel homesick because you will surely meet people sharing same culture and belief with you.


Russia is an amazing country with a lot of outstanding experiences in the country to be part of. The above reasons to study in Russia have been the top reasons why a lot of international students study abroad in Russia.

That’s it on today’s guide on to 5 reasons to study in Russia.

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