Canadian Student Visa – How To Apply (5 Proven Steps)

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if you want to study in Canada as an international student, a Canadian student visa is a mandatory requirement for you to pisses before you can be able to study in Canada.

Canada is regarded as one of the best countries for immigrants, and it’s schools are no exceptions. With Canada tanking high globally as one of the top countries that delivers quality and practical-oriented teachings to students,taking a step forward towards studying in the country is not a bad decision.

But before you can kick-start your study in Canada journey, you need the Canadian student visa. Although the entire process of attaining the visa can be hectic, but when properly guided, the entire process would be less hectic and productive.

In this guide, you’ll be learning the proven steps to take on how to apply for a Canadian student visa.

What is a Canadian Student Visa?

A Canadian student visa , officially referred to as study permit, is a written authorization issued by an officer allowing international student to study in any authorized institution in Canada

The Canadian visa is a must have for any international student who wishes to study in Canada. However,.you don’t need a Canadian visa ( Canadian study permit) if:

  • you are attending preschool
  • you are completing a distance learning program
  • you are taking courses included in tour packages
  • you are taking a course or a program of study which is six months or less.

Note : if the program you are applying for is six months which doesn’t require a Canadian study permit and you wish to further, it is best you apply for the Canadian student visa. Failure to do this will result to you going back to your home country to apply for the Canadian student visa, which will incur additional travel expenses.

And your Canadian study permit also become invalid after 90 days of your program completion. After which you can either apply for a work permit or return to your home country.

Canadian Student Visa Requirements

As an international student applying for a Canadian student visa, there are certain requirements you need to satisfy which will make your visa application faster and productive. Although the documents required vary depending on your country, but below are general documents needed for Canadian student visa application.

Passport: You need to present original and photocopy of your international passport. The international passport should be valid 6 months of your stay in Canada.

Photograph: You need two colored photographs with a dimension of about 35-40mm. The photograph should showcase your full face and should be clearly taken with a plain background.

Flight reservations: You also need to present a flight reservations. This should include the airline, date and time of arrival in Canada.

Letter of explanation: This should outline your goals. The contents should contain why you want to study in Canada, how passionate you are about the course of study, and that you understand your responsibilities to your institution.

Proof of acceptance: This is by far the most important document needed to process your Canadian student visa application. The institution that you applied for will send you a proof of acceptance if you are qualified for the course. If it is mandatory that you take prerequisite courses, such as English or French before you start your actual course of studies, you will be granted a shortened study permit, and you will have to reapply for an extension when you begin your actual course of studies.

Proof of financial support: Apart from your tuition fees, you must show that you have a minimum of $10,000 per year to cover up for your living expenses.

Health status: Your medical report is also required. You need to show a proof of your medical report which should contain your medical history and proof of good health.

Police certificate/clearance: A certificate or clearance from the police station is also required, stating that you don’t have any criminal records.

Academic certificate: You need to get all the certificates, transcripts, and proof that you have attended other schools prior to the application.

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How to apply for a Canadian Student Visa

1. Gain Admission

The first step is to take on how to apply for a Canadian student visa is to apply for admission into a Canadian university or college. It is mandatory that you secure admission into the institution first before proceeding with your Canadian student visa, since the acceptance letter is one of the must have documents when applying for the visa.

2. Provide Supporting Documents

First, you need to fill the study permit form. After that, provide all the above mentioned required documents. It is best you make photocopies of each document and if possible scam them into a electronic device like flash drive, or store in the cloud for better retrieval.

3. Submit at the VAC

After you submit your application and make the required payments, a receipt will be issued to you which contain a tracking number. This tracking number is what you will use to track the progress of the visa application process. You should also be ready for an interview.

4. Track Your Application

You can track your visa application progress online. Click here to track your application. This will help you know the stage of your visa application.

5. Collect Your Passport

The last step to take is to visit the visa application centre to collect your visa when it is ready. The passport is handled by VFS and you will be notified for collection when it is ready.


Canadian student visa is a must have for your study abroad in Canada. The above proven steps will help you hasten the application process of your Canadian student visa or Canadian study permit.

That’s it on today’s guide on proven steps to take on how to apply for a Canadian student visa.

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