7 Powerful Places To Study Abroad For Free

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If you are considering a study abroad destination as an international student, knowing the places to study abroad for free can help you afford your overall study abroad expenses.

There are so many study abroad destinations where you can get high quality education, but considering the costs for the program and cost of living can be terrifying, But when you can cut the amount for tuition fees, cost of living will be your major expenses to worry about which are most times affordable.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you the 7 powerful places to study abroad for free as an international student.

1. Germany

Germany is absolutely the most favorite study abroad for free destination for any international student. With lots of high quality universities, colleges, institutions in the country delivering top-notch and practical-oriented teachings to students, you will not be making the wrong decision by opting to study abroad for free in a country like Germany.
Most of the public universities in Germany offer tuition free education to students both citizens and non citizens. These universities receives adequate funding from the nation’s government, with numerous facilities available in the school to Foster teaching and learning experience. And with an annual administrative fee of €350, you get the opportunity to enjoy the standard education system in Germany.
Or is it the cost of living? The cost of living in Germany is also affordable and not a big problem to worry about, since you will only have to focus about it as your major budget.

2. Brazil

Brazil is also another outstanding destination to consider when looking for a place to study abroad for free. With globally recognized universities in the country, making Brazil your study destination is not going to be a bad choice.

Unlike Germany, before you can be eligible for this opportunity study abroad for free in Brazil, you need to be a fluent Portuguese speaker. With your Portuguese speaking ability, you get yourself an opportunity to study in one of Brazil’s esteemed public universities with an inclusion of a small amount as registration fee.

To qualify for the offer, you need to take a test with other Brazilian students, and to probe your Portuguese speaking ability, you need to get CELPE-Bras certificate.

3. Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful country defined by it’s dramatic landscape. The country is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit today , and also one of the countries to study abroad for free.
Public universities is free for most students in Iceland, regardless of the student’s home country. With over 5% of it’s higher education occupied by international students, Iceland is a country that welcomes immigrants to study in its schools. But the only caveat (a big one though), just like Brazil, most courses in the country are taught in Icelandic.
If you know you can speak Icelandic, or if you can possibly fin courses taught in English, then Iceland is a free study abroad destination for you.

4. Norway

Norway is another Nordic country (after Iceland) that offers tuition free education to students, regardless of nationality or study level.
Like you’d for Germany, you will only need to pay a little token of NOK300 – 600 (~US$33-66) as a semester fee. But the only caveat here, especially if you are applying for an undergraduate program, majority of the courses are taught in Norwegian. And as an international student, you need to show proof of your proficiency in Norwegian before you will be privileged to study undergraduate programs in Norway for free.
For master’s and PhD programs, English language programs are more common and same free tuition applies.

5. Sweden

If you are from EU/EEA or Switzerland, you can study abroad for free in Sweden. Sweden is an amazing country that is ranked as one of the best countries for immigrants.
For non EU/EEA or non Switzerland students, you can also study an undergraduate Swedish-taught program for free in Sweden as long as you can prove your proficiency in Swedish. However, tuition fees of universities in Sweden are very affordable. With a few thousand dollars, you can enroll in a university for an English-taught undergraduate program.
Like Norway, PhD programs are fully funded, which means you can study it for free in Sweden.

6. Austria

Austria is an amazing destination to study abroad for free. Like Sweden and Norway, you get the opportunity to study free in the country when you have EU/EEA passport. This tuition free education lasts up to eight semesters, with an inclusion of a small administrative fee.
If you are an international student not from EU/EEA nation, the tuition fee of most universities in Austria is also very cheap. With €725 per semester, you can study in one of the nation’s best universities.

7. France

When it comes to where you can study abroad for free, France may not be as favorable as countries like Germany or Brazil. But it is also possible for you as an international student to study in France for free (or in most cases, at a very affordable costs).
University fees do exist at public universities you can find in France. They are much affordable compared to majority of the best study abroad destination.
For EU/EEA students, you can study an undergraduate program in France for as low as €170 (~US$190) per year. However, non EA/EEU students are expected to pay a higher fee of about €2,770 (~US$3,065) per year for undergraduate program.
It is also possible to study in France for free. Although the majority of the program that are offered free in France are taught in the nation’s native language (French). Graduate level programs have majority of its courses taught in English language.


There are many places to study abroad for free. but the above mentioned places are the top places where you can get a free education as an international student.

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