7 Perfect Reasons To Study In Sweden

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Are you an international student looking for a study abroad destination? With the perfect reasons to study in Sweden, you will surely make Sweden your study abroad destination.

Sweden is a remarkable beautiful country that has numerous highly ranked universitiest and institutions to choose from. These universities and institutions are globally recognized, which means after your graduation you will be sought after globally by top companies.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you the 7 perfect reasons to study in Sweden as an international students

Reasons to Study in Sweden

There are many reasons why international students choose Sweden as there study abroad destination, but below are the 7 perfect reasons to study in Sweden.

1: High Quality Education

Sweden universities are renowned across the world for delivering high quality education to students. The country powers 14 public universities and many other independent institutions.

Over the years, Sweden universities are ranked as one of the best universities in the world according to QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The Universities that make it consistently on the ranking include: Uppsala University, Karolinska Institute, Lurd University, Stockholm University, and Stockholm School of Economics.

Unlike other universities that emphasizes on learning from textbooks and handout materials, majority of the universities in Sweden focus on practical teachings, exposing students to problems in the real world and how to handle them. This is one of the major reasons to study in Sweden, since most of the graduates from Sweden universities are well equipped, have practical experiences, and are sought after globally by employers.

2: Enjoy Free Education

Are you surprised to find out that universities in Sweden also offer tuition free education to international Students? Just like majority of the Nordic countries, such as Iceland, Norway,. and Finland, International students from EEA/EU can study in Sweden without having to pay for tuition fees.

But if you are not from EEA/EU country, you can also study undergraduate program in Sweden for free provided you can show a proof of your proficiency speaking Swedish and can study a Swedish-taught program.

Although the cost of living in Sweden is high, not paying a penny for tuition is a big advantage for you, especially when you don’t have capable finance, which is also one of the major reasons to study in Sweden.

3: Numerous Available Work Opportunities

Even if there are no other perfect reasons to study in Sweden, your exposure to numerous available work opportunity is a good reason why you should study in Sweden.

As an international student, if you study in Sweden, you will be allowed to work up to 40 hours a week while studying. This can help you fund your living expenses, which is the only expenses to worry about if you are from the EU/EEA country.

Apart from the part-time jobs, there are plenty of internships available for international students at top companies such as Tetrapak, IKEA, Volvo, Sportify, and Oatly for you to gain work experience that will help boost your resume.

And after completing your degree program in Sweden, you can apply for an extension of your current student visa (resident permit) to look for job, or even try establish your own business, for up to six months.

4: Easy to Apply

Students from all over the world use to apply for the tuition free education in Sweden, until 2010 when the Swedish government passed a new law that only allows EA/EU students to study in the country without having to pay for the tuition fee.

Despite the removal of the tuition free education for non EU/EEA students, there are numerous scholarship opportunities available to help fasten your application to any course or program in one of the country’s university.

And more so, there are no she restrictions when it comes to taking the university entrance exam, called SweSAT and you also don’t need to be a Swedish citizen before applying. However, you need to meet the basic and mandatory requirements before you can apply for the course of program.

5: High Living Standards

The high living standards in Sweden is also one of the perfect reasons to study in Sweden. The country has consistently rank high as on the list of top countries in the world with the highest standards of living.

The public transportation – extensive network of trains, subways, buses, and planes can covey you to any destination of your choice.

Due to the extreme cold winters in the country, houses have efficient insulation, heating, advanced electricity, water, and sewage systems available in it.

6: Explore the Nation’s Beauty

Sweden is one of the most beautiful counties in the world. The geographical location of Sweden creates an outstanding environment for natural beauty.

Swedes are globally recognized as savvy outdoormen, with the nation’s government allowing its inhabitants the freedom to roam. This means that the Swedes have the general public rights to use almost any public land for recreational activities.

If you are the type that loves recreational activities, such as camping, skiing, hiking, ice skating, or fishing, you have the freedom to participate in any of the recreational activities in Sweden, which is one of the major reasons to study in Sweden. These outstanding outdoor experience and the beautiful nature Sweden offers are some of the perfect reasons to study in Sweden.

7: Explore its True Diversity

Sweden is one of the most diverse countries in the world. The country did not just allow diversity, it worked so hard to promote diversity.

Sweden has also consitently ranked as one of the best countries for immigrants, as well as o e of the best in gender equality and LGBT rights.

Over the years, the nation’s diverse community has proven to be one of the perfect reasons to study in Sweden. So no matter your tribe, religion, culture, you are sure to meet people that will gladly welcome you into the community.


Without hesitation, enrolling in any of Sweden top universities is a perfect decision to take as an international student looking for a university abroad to study. The above reasons to study in Sweden should make you understand what you tend to benefit when you study in the country.

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