7 Key Reasons to Study in Germany

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As an international student who wishes to study abroad, there are certain reasons to consider before deciding to go for a study abroad destination. And if it Germany, there are some key reasons to study in Germany.

Germany is known to be a powerhouse in the engineering, natural science and IT sector with over 380 recognized universities and 17,000 study programs. The education that most of these universities offer to their students is top notch, making the student’s employability rate to be very high in the workforce.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you 7 Key reasons to study in Germany, especially as an international student.

Reasons to Study in Germany

If you are having any doubt making Germany your study abroad destination as an international student, below are 7 key reasons to study in Germany.

#1: Cheap or No Tuition Fees

At this time when studying abroad is becoming a top trend for most students, Germany is the top study abroad destination that offers tuition free education to its students.

In 2014, a new law was placed which abolished the payment of tuition fees for both local and international students in public universities in Germany.  And ever since the payment of tuition fees in Germany was abolished, the country has become one of the bets study abroad destinations for international students , with numerous students from EU and non-EU students opting to study in the country.

Although most of the public universities in Germany offer tuition free education to its students, you still need to pay an administrative fee which sums up to €250 per semester. The exclusion of payment of tuition fees is the main reasons to study in Germany.

#2: World Class Education

We all know how outstanding Germany is when it comes to the manufacturing of cars. The engineers behind the quality cars manufactured in Germany are products from the universities in Germany. Apart from being one of the best countries that offer outstanding education on fields like engineering, medicine, natural sciences, and IT, Germany in general delivers top notch education on all fields of study.

And the universities in Germany are top-ranked universities in the world, with over 24 universities listed among the top 200 world best universities in the world.

#3: Internationally Recognized Programs

The programs that German universities offer to students are modern in terms of the way they are structured and delivered to students. Designed in a way to meet the most up-to-date scientific developments in the world and educate students that can boldly face global challenges, German universities are one of the well structured universities in the world.

Without any lapses in the curriculum, the subjects that most universities in German provide to their students are outstanding, making it one of the obvious reasons to study in Germany. After completing your course, you will be given a certificate that is globally recognized and valued across the world.

Once you are out there in the workforce, employers out there look upon you with utmost respect, because they are aware of the quality education and hands-on real world practical that you receive while in school.

#4: Affordable Cost of Living

Germany being one of the richest countries in the world, you would expect the cost of living to be extremely high.  Although the cost of living differs depending on the location of your apartment, the overall cost of living in Germany is relatively affordable. As you would expect, the cost of living in the urban areas (like, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich) is considerably higher than peripheral areas.

The major concern you need to have about the cost of living in Germany is the payment of rent.  Though, still differ based on the location. But if you can cope with a roommate in order to cut the cost of rent into half, the issue of rent payment shouldn’t be an issue to worry about.

Apart from rent, other cost of living like transportation, food, clothing, are very low in Germany, which is one of the major reasons to study in Germany.

 #5: Work Opportunities for International Students

According to German law, international students are allowed to work part-time while studying up to 20 hours a week or 120 full days of a year. As it stands, it is estimated that over 60% of international students studying in Germany work part-time.

There is a wide range of jobs available for you to do part-time while studying in Germany, so you don’t need to posses any qualifications before you can be working. Some of the common jobs most student do is working as a bartender, tutor, administrative staff, stock keeper, etc.

Once you are an international student seeking an admission in Germany, working part-time is a great opportunity to consider and one of the reasons to study in Germany. And apart from not paying tuition fees, you might be able to cover up your living expenses if you take advantage of the work opportunities that Germany offers international students.

#6: Diverse Cultures

Germany is a one of the countries that harbors immigrants from various parts of the world with diverse cultures. As an international student, once you are given admission into any university on German, you are most likely going to have friends or colleagues from countries like Romania, Turkey, China, Hungary, Greece, or Norway. Not only will you be privileged to learn more about German culture, you will also learn about diverse cultures and traditions across the world.

The multicultural environment that you are bound to experience when you go to Germany is one of the main reasons to study in Germany.

#7: Future Career Prospects

The future career prospects you stand to benefit when you study in Germany is one of the main reasons to study in Germany. The degree you receive is a highly valued and respected qualification across the world.  And because of this, most graduates from Germany have a higher employment rate compared to other study abroad destinations.

In the world today, most graduates from German universities are some of the top paid employees all over the world. Employers trusts the quality and top notch education that you grain through a quality education in Germany and strongly believe that you will be an outstanding addition to the company.


Germany is a great country and an outstanding study abroad destination for international students. If you are an international student looking for a study abroad destination to go with, the above mentioned key reasons to study in Germany should convince you to go with Germany as your study abroad destination.

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