4 Easiest Ways to Get a Permanent Residency in Canada

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Canada is one of the best places for immigrants irrespective of their culture, trice, or religion. But obtaining a permanent residency in Canada can be difficult if you don’t know the right procedures to take.

There are different ways you can get a permanent residency in Canada, but in this guide, I will be showing you the 4 easiest and quickest ways to get a permanent residency (PR) in Canada.

Ways to Get Permanent Residency in Canada

Below are the fastest and easiest ways to obtain Canada permanent residency.

1. Express Entry Program

Introduced in 2015, Express Entry is a system used by the Canadian government to fill labour gaps through certain immigration programs by managing Canadian permanent residence.

The overall aim of the Express Entry System is to simplify and fasten the Canadian immigration process for skilled foreign candidates who wish to live and work in Canada.

One good reason why the Express Entry System is considered as one of the best ways to get a permanent residence in Canada is that you are not required to have a pending job offer before you can apply. And now, it takes approximately 4 -6 months to process the immigration, making it one of the fastest ways to immigrate to Canada as a foreigner with a permanent residency.

Immigration through the Express Entry System is undertaken through the point-based evaluation process which is done using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool. The tool helps calculate the score of the candidate based on factors such as their age, language competency, education, and work experience. They are then entered into a draw pool and ranked against other candidates using the same program. After 2 weeks the draw usually occurs, and the highest scoring candidates are chosen by Canadian government to apply for permanent residency.

There are three main Federal Immigration Programs you can choose from if you intend going with the Express Entry program. These include;

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

2. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Canada provincial nominee program is also another easy ways to get permanent residency in Canada. Canada PNP is another opportunity for those who were unable to get a PR using the Express Entry system.

Due to current gap in Canada labour market, Canada government grants the right to its provinces to invite skilled individuals and nominate them for immigrating to the country in order to fill the current labour hap in the province.  This means that, should your job title be listed on a province open position list, you will have the upper hand over other applicant to get the provincial nomination. 

When you receive a nomination, you are almost guaranteed a perm ant residency since you will be awarded extra 600 points to add to your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

Certain PNP has Express Entry streams, which means that if you have an Express Entry profile and showed interest in the province that is looking for an applicant with your skills, they are able to select your profile from the draw.

  Below are popular Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) to choose.

  • Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP)
  • Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program(SINP)
  • Nova Scotia PNP
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  • Prince Edward Island PNP Express Entry stream;
  • Yukon PNP Express Entry stream.
  • Northwest Territories PNP Express Entry for Skilled Workers stream
  • Newfoundland and Labrador PNP Express Entry for Skilled Workers stream
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program(AINP)
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program(MPNP)
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program(PEIPN)

3. Family Sponsorship

The Family Sponsorship Visa allows citizens over 18 years of age, or permanent Canadian residents to sponsor a spouse, or relative to live and work in Canada.

There are four streams under this category, which includes;

  • Spousal and Family Sponsorship Visa;
  • Spousal and Common-law Sponsorship Program;
  • Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program; and
  • Super Visa

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4. Business Investor Program

If you have money and wants to start up a business in Canada, the best option to take to get a permanent residency in Canada is to go with the Business Investor Program.  

The Business Investor Program is suitable for Business owners and Business managers in foreign countries looking to start up a business in Canada.  If you fall under this category, you can either apply through Start-up visa or provincial business immigration programs.

To attain a Start-Up Visa aimed at helping you establish a business in Canada, you will need a minimum capital of $2,000,000 CAD.


Canada is a great place to be, and there are lots of benefits you stand to gain as a Canadian resident when you eventually get a permanent residency in Canada. With the above steps, you should be able to obtain a permanent residency in Canada.

That’s it on my guide on ways to get a permanent residency in Canada.

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